Pamflet tegen de bewaarplicht, uit 1967(!)

Een opmerkelijk vooruitziend artikel uit 1967 over bewaarplichten:

[A Government] Data Center poses a grave threat to individual freedom and privacy. With its insatiable appetite for information, its inability to forget anything that has been put into it, a central computer might become the heart of a government surveillance system that would lay bare our finances, our associations, or our mental and physical health to government inquisitors or even to casual observers. Computer technology is moving so rapidly that a sharp line between statistical and intelligence systems is bound to be obliterated. Even the most innocuous of centers could provide the “foot in the door” for the development of an individualized computer-based federal snooping system.

Met onder andere het BurgerServiceNummer, elektronische patiëntendossiers en zelfs Echelon (voor papieren post, dat dan weer wel).

Lees verder in The National Data Center and Personal Privacy.

Via Schneier on Security.


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