Pornografische pleitnota

Homoporno in de pleitnota. Ja, dat kan, en antispelletjeskruisvaarder Jack Thompson deed het ook nog:

The attached exhibit, which includes several graphic images of oral and genital sex between adult males, was filed electronically in the docket in this case, without prior permission from the court…

To the extent that the other attorney’s alleged conduct is in any way relevant… there was no need for Mr. Thompson to file these graphic images in the public record. A simple reference to the website and its alleged links would have sufficed…

Through his actions, Mr. Thompson made available for unlimited public viewing, on the court’s docketing system, these graphic images.

De rechter wil graag van Thompson horen wat hij meende daarmee te bereiken en waarom hij niet geschorst zou moeten worden als advocaat.

Via Slashdot.


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