Wat wil Microsoft met Yahoo!?

Waarom wil Microsoft zo graag Yahoo! overnemen? Die cruciale vraag, die meer dan 40 miljard dollar waard is, stellen een hoop mensen zichzelf. Het beste antwoord tot nu toe vond ik bij Roughly Drafted, dat Microsoft en Yahoo uitgebreid op een rijtje zet en tot de conclusie komt dat die aankoop er alleen toe zal leiden dat Microsoft haar monopoliekracht kwijtraakt – wat Google de grote winnaar van het hele spel maakt.

With Microsoft increasingly unable to expand or even maintain its monopoly powers, or successfully use them to force the adoption of its own products, what benefit would there be in buying up Yahoo and attempting to use it as an expanded version of the same online strategies that currently aren’t working?

A cynic might suggest that such a brutal merger might provide just what the world needs: a dramatic reduction in Microsoft’s power and a disassembly of the largely ineffective Yahoo in order to better use the resources that it currently sits upon. At the same time however, such a consolidation threatens to put too much power in one place. While Google has complained that Microsoft’s Yahoo bid might result raise antitrust issues, the biggest problem created might be the elimination of any check to Google itself.

Lees verder in Why Does Microsoft Really Want Yahoo? bij RoughlyDrafted Magazine.


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