Poetic License

Zonder verder commentaar:

This work ‘as-is’ we provide.<br/> No warranty express or implied.<br/> We’ve done our best,<br/> to debug and test.<br/> Liability for damages denied.<br/> <br/> Permission is granted hereby,<br/> to copy, share, and modify.<br/> Use as is fit,<br/> free or for profit.<br/> These rights, on this notice, rely.

Poetic License.

Het gedicht is (c) 2005 Alexander E Genaud maar is zelf onder een zeer liberale licentie aangeboden:

Work and notice are one and the same.
This paradox makes a poem less lame.
Moral right I trust,
if change you must,
is attribution toward glory and fame.

Leuke varianten mag u hieronder kwijt!


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